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2017 Finalists and Winners

Congratulations to the winners, finalists and shortlisted entries
In 2017 the DESIGN FOR EXPORT AWARDS attracted an incredible calibre of entries from 5 regions across South Australia, representing 12 diverse industry sectors and exporting to over 140 countries.
Category.. Design Strategy

Rising Sun Pictures delivers world class visual effects to clients around the world. Boasting clients such as 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Marvel, HBO and Sony Pictures Entertainment, RSP has contributed ground-breaking work to film and television projects inlcuding Academy Award™ winning Gravity, X-Men and Harry Potter series of films.

Clarity of Purpose and Context
RSP's core compency is to design and lead creatively challenging visual sequences and deliver quality visual effects to our clients. All aspects of the pipeline and value chain are fundamental in the success of our projects. Our purpose,vision and values are communicated in full company meetings where they're touched upon in parallel with a reviewof progress against strategy in the preceeding period. RSP has differentiated itself by delivering dynamic ffects (photorealistic complex real world phenomena) and more recently investing in its photo-realistic character capabaility to produce work of greater scale and scope. We’re a people business, and our client's experience is aramount to repeat sales; our staff engagement is paramount to client experience.
Operating in a competitive business environment, where global incentives and tax rebates have disrupted the industry, RSP is working towards a ‘Blue Ocean’ model to create a unique value proposition. RSP is not only investing in its product innovation to develop new capability, but is also investing in process innovation to create production efficiencies to meet the cost expectations of our clients. We’re currently in the process of redefining our strategy, to adapt our  model, vision and mission in order to recognise this maturing industry. As we implement our strategic goals, we are engaging with our staff to cultivate a high performance culture that aligns with our desired future organisation.

Customer and Market Immersion
RSP's traditional clients, major motion picture film studios, want value for money - good work that is going to attract audiences to their film, executed at a globally competitive price. Our clients requests are paramount to the team at RSP, all stakeholders are engaged in the process of delivering for them, throughout every department and business unit. Recently, RSP introduced its 'Meet the People' initiative, where we broaden the 'face' of RSP through diffuse and targetted marketing opporutnities, thus creating and deepening personal contact with remote clients, which has proved very successful. This client contact and subsequent relationship building, has resulted in the quality delivery of work such as the Academy Award™ winning Gravity, as well as new, and repeat business, which demonstrates clear value proposition. The visual effects industry is muturing and its customers are changing. With the rise of streaming video on demand we have new players that have disrupted the environment.

The visual effects industry has been disrupted by rebates and taxation offsets in global jurisdictions. This saw much of the visual effects work go to high rebate jursdictions, or low labour cost countries, often by the handful of multinational vendors. In 2013, this phenomena saw Rhythm and Hues, declare bankrupcy shortly after accepting the Academy Award™ for visual effects that year. This was also a time of high Australian dollar. RSP was forced to
address this changing market by downscaling, and focussing on process innovation in order to ensure efficiency. Since that time, we have seen export growth calculated at approximately 177%. We are currently monitoring the forces that influence our industry and are re-assessing our strategy to accurately reflect the changing market, including pursuing new areas of business using our intellectual property, including virtual reality, augmented reality and large-format projection. Likewise, we're targeting streaming video on demand content producers, such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and Apple, which have also disrupted the market. Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD) has contributed to the changing way audiences view content, and is contributing to a changing film distribution model away from the traditional theatrical and broadcast releases. While we're not currently disrupting the market place, we seek to identify new business opportunities that will allow us to do so.

Design Leadership
RSP is an organic organisation which fosters innvoation. RSP believes that every employee should practice self management in order for the business to be successful. It has a ‘Stewardship’ leadership style and believes that
collaborating and capability building is what makes for a high performance organisation. Our values have defined what’s important to our culture. RSP has in the past innovated products such as the Academy Award™ winning cineSync to collaborate global visual reviews, enabling the spread of fidigtal film production to all points of the globe. Product innovation allows us to stay abreast of the changing capability in the industry, and is nurtured through not
only R&D activities, but also organically by our artists who are rising to complex challenges.

Business Model
As the industry mutures, we've identifying monopolistic competion and subsquent aggregation by the multi-nationals as vendors battle for market share among low-labour cost and/or high rebate jurisdictions. This has forced RSP to
reassess its business model, corporate and business strategies, which is currently in progess. Our design prowess attracts clients to RSP, but in a cost competitive market, RSP needs to differentiate itself, as well as competing on
price in order to achieve large bodies of work to achieve economies of scale and scope.

RSP has entered a Government progam to repurpose obselete technology to purchase more energy efficient machines which are more environmentally friendly. Likewise, we recycle material that can be recycled, including toner
cartridges and batteries. Socially, there is particularly a concern about the amount of women working in visual effects. RSP has an initiative to recruit more women in all area of the business, and we are seeing many more females come through our training programs. Likewise, RSP has promoted several women into Executive and Senior Management roles. Our Executive team is made up of 50% women. We are supporting our female Executives in furthering their management education with the UniSA's MBA program, where one received a WiMBA scholarship.

Our clients come to RSP for our creative leadership, often with a complex creative challenge that needs to be addressed. Having a Design Culture in the business allows us to take this leadership to provide solutions throughout
our production pipeline. Cients engage with us early in the production process, often prior to shooting, to inform shot and sequence design, conceptual and artistic direction by collaborating with the film-makers, including the Director.
Providing this artistic direction early on, allows us to establish a look & feel quickly that during post-production provdies the foundation for the final execution.
In the past few years, RSP has seen significant growth in its exported work, which is estimated at 177%. RSP's key focus for future growth is in Chinese-originated major motion picture industry. RSP's Academy Award™ nominated
Visual Effects Supervisor, Tim Crosbie, is currently in Beijing supervising on-set for the upcoming film 'Foresaken
Brotherhood'. Additionally, RSP's education business partnership with UniSA is a growth area, where there is strong interest from the Asia Pacific region, particularly China, to attend these courses, and likewise, to expand its course offerings into this region. Othe projects have included Prometheus, Hunger Games, Priates of the Carribean, The Water Diviner,Game of Thrones,The Last Samurai, Batman Begins, Blood Diamond, Get Smart,Superman Returns,Logan, Pan.
Product designed by Micro-X Design team
Category.. Product Design - Scientific & Medical

The DRX Revolution Nano is the first of its kind, mobile lightweight bedside medical x-ray device, exploiting innovative Carbon Nano Tube technology. At a fraction of the size, weight and cost of existing mobile equipment, the device is easily moved around medical facilities, is intuitive for users and enhances workflow efficiencies.

Design Challenge
Existing mobile x-ray carts are in excess of 400kg and motorised and their demand for bedside imaging in hospitals is high. The size and weight of these carts is driven by the size and weight of conventional thermionic x-ray tubes. The price point for these carts precludes their use in low cost markets and limits the number of units acquired by hospitals in all markets. Feedback garnered from hospitals in Australia established that radiology departments suffer with a high number of staff injuries associated with strain due to heavy equipment, resulting in lost time and increased overhead. In some instances, patients would need to be moved in order to image, as it is difficult to position existing carts in ICU when other life sustaining equipment is present. Micro-X saw an opportunity to design an ultra-lightweight and manoeuvrable x-ray cart at a lower entry price, by leveraging Carbon Nanotube emitter technology that enables a significantly smaller x-ray head, that is easier to position and balance.

Design Solution
The development of the product focused on user centric design principles. Micro-X worked with several hospitals to understand workflows and what challenges operators faced daily. The design architecture evolved over 6 months of iterative design and prototyping such that radiographers could interact and provide direct feedback to the engineering team. Innovations and IP include; Tusk handles with collimator controls at the tips enabling the correct positioning of focal spot height and adjustment of the X-ray field without the need to lower the head; Ball shaped drive handles with integrated brake buttons that are intuitive and allow the operator to manoeuver the cart standing in any position rather than in a fixed position that constrains their hands; Articulated arm that is 100% balanced over the full range of motion required for positioning without the need for electronic braking or heavy friction based solutions; X-ray shielding that uses a tungsten filled polymer instead of lead for environmental and OHS benefits; and a chassis built from a carbon fibre composite to maximise robustness and minimise weight.
The product has met stringent medical device radiation and safety standards.

Design Impact
- Location of business - Micro-X moved from Victoria to set up in Tonsley as first tenants;
- Product leverages local supply chain, sourced and manufactured in Australia (90%);
- Micro-X now has 21 employees and a further 10 FTE contractors. This includes a full manufacturing and supply team
from Holden, who have been reskilled in medical device manufacturing;
- All product will be exported and distributed globally by our distribution partner Carestream Health, the market leader in mobile x-ray;
- Micro-X is investing in local research programs and collaborating with Australian universities;
- Market feedback from recent trade exhibitions in North and South America, Europe and the Middle East has been very positive, resulting in strong confidence in the pending product launch and global sales volumes.
PRODUCT DESIGN SHORTLIST and FINALISTS.. for  Products, Digital & Services
Product designed by Mark Lines
Category.. Product Design - Agriculture

The design and manufacture of automated moving gully systems is to increase the efficiency of growing fresh produce. We’ve been working hard to perfect our systems and to demonstrate the benefits and massive cost savings on offer compared to traditional growing methods. Saving on Manual Labour and as per listed in the design impact catergory.

Design Challenge
There are some big savings to be made for farms which are increasingly having to do everything they can to try and reduce their operating costs.
There is an ever-growing demand in China for safe, fresh produce which our systems can facilitate, so we’re hoping this first export contract will lead to more throughout China, but also in India where we’re now receiving some strong interest. Producers are impressed with the return on investment offered by Grow Systems Australia’s tailored solutions, which help reduce labour costs and increase yield.

Design Solution
Our systems help producers enjoy twice the output for half the labour.
Water efficiency is also a key selling point of our systems, which use only 20% of the water needed for traditional growing methods. And there’s no wastewater.
We have a real thirst for knowledge too and stay abreast of new advancements in technology that we may be able to incorporate into our moving gully systems as part of our ongoing commitment to continuous improvement.
We’re also looking more and more at robotics and how automation will continue to change the way that producers approach their farms in the future, so it’s definitely an evolving industry.

Design Impact
Being an experienced grower of herbs now for 20 + years it has given us the understanding of what the growers require to pass on to their customers (Eg. Supermarkets, Restaurants and the wholesale market) giving them a high quality, economically produced, safe food. Our system also provides growers with the benefits of-
  • Energy saving
  • Reduced water supply
  • Efficiency in electricity usage for a greener & cleaner future
  • Labour cost Savings
  • and smaller footprint for maximum output.
We have three patents on various aspects of the system and Export sales are planned to increase in places such as Singapore, India, China and New Zealand as these places have already made numerous enquiries abour our Moving Gully Systems.
Product designed by Fantom Hardware Team
Category.. Product Design - Building and Hardware

The Fantom Doorstop has been designed to create the most visually appealing doorstop on the market, whilst keeping in mind the need for supreme functionality.
The flush mounted pin alleviates trip hazards whilst maintaining a modern, desirable finish. The concealed rare earth magnet technology ensures exceptional mechanical functionality.
Our goal is to give designers, architects, builders and home owners a better doorstop solution that will not only out perform all doorstops on the market, but will create a safer and more convientent environment for home owners, staff, patients and all people alike around the world.

Design Challenge
The need arose for a method of stopping the door in a certain location that did not pose a trip hazard. The problem was often encountered in bathrooms, where doors would open up against a shower or a toilet. The only solution was to install a standard door/floor mounted stop right against the wall, close to the hinges. This is not ideal as it created a leverage stress point for the door when opened quickly or leant against.
-A solution was needed that would stop the door in a desired location
-It would be located in a position that did not pose a "stress" to the hinges or the structure of the door.
-It would not be a trip hazard
-It would not be visually invasive
-It would be a modern and sleek design

Design Solution
The solution was a pop up doorstop. But how to make it work? Different options were considered including electronics and sensors but were dismissed, given the viability of cost and installation. When the strength of a high powered rare earth neodymium magent was realised, the answer was clear. But how to stop/hold/release the door was the next challenge, and the noise! This is where the design came into it, and many prototypes. Eventually the right powered magnet was found, combined with the best functioning striker phase. This combination brought about a fast activation and strong hold open, but not too strong. The ramped striker plate allowed a smooth operation for both engagement and release and the plastic overmould on the pin allowed for quick/smooth function. Every part of the product is non magnetic except for the pin, which focuses all the power of the magnet where it needs to be- on the pin. Stainless steel or different types of tough plastic/nylon form materials of the product. The pin is a highly magnetic chrome plated, bright steel

Design Impact
The Fantom Doorstop now offers designers and architects flexibility in layout, more freedom of design where in the past, a cavity sliding door would be specified, there is now another option. The consumer now has the option to make an interesting feature out of their doorstop, rather than accepting the current option of a bulky floor or wall mounted doorstop. Public and commercial areas can now offer safety for wheelchair bound people or patients in hospitals.
Designed here in South Australia using a team of innovators, engineers, graphic designers, prototype machinists and businessmen, the impact has been considerable. We now employ 4 people and contract in our design and marketing and freight forwarding, using other SA businesses. We have been the catalyst for the creation of another SA business, who now over sees our production in china, which employs 3 people, plus a team in china.
Product designed by Krix Loudspeakers
Category.. Product Design - Consumer

The Esoterix Altum is a high end bookshelf speaker designed specifically to enhance the two channel listening experience, whether playing old favourites on vinyl, or enjoying the definition and detail of the latest hi-resolution tracks.

Design Challenge
Krix products are sold within the consumer and commercial cinema loudspeaker markets. The consumer market, in particular, is becoming increasingly fragmented, with Krix targeting the home theatre and multi-room audio segments. Recently there has been a revival in two channel audio, driven by a resurgence in vinyl records along with developments in hi-resolution digital recording processors and the availability of hi-res music via streaming services. The Krix Esoterix Altum has been designed specifically for the two channel market, in particular the premium end. Krix wanted to create something not only acoustically exceptional, but also visually unique and appealing - something to stand out from the more traditional designs.

Design Solution
Classic speaker two way designs can compromise directivity as the sound from the woofer often becomes narrow as it rolls off just below the crossover frequency and the sound from the tweeter is too wide as it rolls on. This creates an uneven off-axis response and the sound reflected from the side walls of the listening room is coloured. Krix's solution was to couple a waveguide to the tweeter. Krix embarked on the development of a high frequency waveguide with the multiple aims of reducing distortion, controlling the sound from the tweeter to narrow the angle of coverage, reducing sound radiated onto the side walls of the room, and provide a more uniform off-axis frequency response. Krix applied its advanced COMSOL simulation technology to achieve the best possible control of directivity and to optimise throat size and contours to achieve a smooth high frequency response. Aesthetically, the distinctive fully-mitred cabinets provide a seamless look, while the prismatic geometry results in a very rigid, low resonance enclosure that integrates the components perfectly and minimises standing waves. The baffle is angled at 7.5 degrees allowing the waveguide to protrude from the front baffle, not only creating a novel design feature but also allowing effective time alignment of both high frequency and low frequency drive units.

Design Impact
Krix's exports have averaged 30% of total sales over the past two decades. Krix has 80 products in its complete range, and the Esoterix Altum is expected to create significant interest within the audio community, which in turn will increase Krix's profile in key export markets such as China and Dubai. Krix employs 25 people at its facility in Adelaide within its research and development, marketing, manufacturing, logistics and administration departments. All design and engineering is done by Krix, and the vast majority of its products are manufactured at Krix's state of the art production facility in Adelaide. Many of the components are purchased from South Australian and Australian suppliers. Krix also regularly engages with local Universities, examples include sponsoring PhD and Honours projects.
Product designed by John Price
Category.. Product Design - Consumer

I build primarily Classical guitars using modern and traditional materials and build techniques which maximise the quality of sound and enhance projection and volume which are critical aspects of the modern Concert grade instruments.

Design Challenge
Classical guitar players are constantly searching for the very best sounding guitars. It is my challenge to keep up with their demands and expectations. I am constantly trying to improve and enhance my guitars by trying different woods and other materials in their construction. In an effort to have my guitars placed in the hands of renowned players, I have employed the use of prominent dealers around the world who can demonstrate my instruments in an intimate environment where the players can take their time in evaluating each guitar based on their own merit. By exporting my instruments to my dealer network my guitars can be shown to players who would not necessarily be able to come to my workshop and are able to choose their guitar with confidence and with the full knowledge of how the guitar performs, sounds and feels in their hands.This is very important and is something that can not be achieved without the need to send an expensive instrument around the world which entails a risk of damage or loss and involves the chance of a potential customer not liking the guitar or finding it not quite what he/she was looking for.

Design Solution
There are certain design parameters which are expected to be adhered to in the Classical guitar, none so more than the woods used in their construction. The use of some of the more exotic species (Rosewoods) for the back and sides has increasingly been restricted due to the rarity and difficulty in obtaining wood that is at best questionable as to its legal procurement. I have been making guitars using traditional woods and increasingly Australian woods for many years now and have gained a place in the market where it is understood that some of our woods are as good or better than some traditional woods. The arched back is a design which does away with internal bracing which restricts airflow and enhances the projection of sound whilst having an appearance of a cello like back and is very comfortable to hold and play. This is achieved by laminating beautiful "face" veneers over a lesser value core which minimises the impact on threatened species.

Design Impact
My guitars are sought after by some of the more prominent players around the world along with advanced students and a some collectors. My market is mainly overseas where I send most of what I make which presently is around 10/12 a year. There are many recordings available on CD and players have put many video's onto Youtube. It is my intention to write a book on guitar making highlighting my methods of construction which I hope to have put into print
in the not too distant future.
Product designed by Ben Hood, Simone Kain
Category.. Product Design - Consumer > Childrens Education

George the Farmer is a colourful children’s brand whose primary aim is to educate about farming practices along with how food and fibre is produced through entertaining picture books, toys, music, performance, interactive story apps, videos and free curriculum-aligned educator’s guides. Our brand was launched as an interactive story app on the iTunes market and consists of two interactive stories, two games and a sing-a-long section. It regularly sits in the top apps for Australia and New Zealand in the Education > Technologies section and is used in 13 countries across the globe.

Design Challenge
We educate children about farming practices and how food and fibre is produced in an entertaining way to: generate food security by stimulating children to consider future innovative careers in agriculture; awareness and gratitude of those involved in primary industries globally and; to help children make informed healthy food choices. On a personal level, we aim to provide children with the same inspirational connection to the land that we were afforded from growing up on farms throughout our childhood. The concept of George the Farmer was formed when co-creator, Simone Kain, became aware that there wasn’t an educational children’s farming character globally telling stories about living on the land and producing food and fibre, whilst looking for an inspirational character for her son, George. Simone realised that there must be thousands of families who also couldn’t find said character. This was the brand’s first outcome-based segmentation that was developed. By launching our brand as an interactive story app we have been able to penetrate a global market which has resulted in the development of a physical product line and exploration of a global television program.

Design Solution
The George the Farmer name and logo was trademarked before launching the brand on the app market.
As the app was being developed for children we wanted the functionality to be relevant while requiring the least amount of manual intervention for the selection of the main components of the app (eg story, music or game sections).
We designed the interface to be aesthetically pleasing to children with bright colours and big obvious buttons. The app includes two interactive story apps, ‘George the Farmer Plants a Wheat Crop’ and ‘George the Farmer Shears a Sheep’ where the children can help shear a sheep throughout the story, fill the motorbike with petrol plus other functions. There is also a colouring-in section, a memory game and a sing-along section. A children’s safety button was also included to prevent them from accessing external websites without successfully answering a maths equation first. Our app is not overly innovative in it’s use of technology, however it is innovative in it’s overall concept, as there’s currently no other farming characters globally. We pre-tested the app in our homes and at various kindergartens and schools with many improvements being made before launching, and again after launching.

Design Impact
We have experienced much success from the launch of our app and other products which have rolled off from the establishment of the subsequent company, George the Farmer. We receive regular feedback via social media, email and fan letters in the post from parents and children who adore George the Farmer and his educational messages. Our social media presence has grown quickly to include over 40,000 fans across the globe.
Teacher’s love using the app along with our hard-copy books and toys as teacher’s aids to educate children about food and fibre production while covering STEAM based subjects and the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability.
The app and brand as a whole contributes to South Australia’s innovation, technology, education and primary industries. The app has won an SA Women in Innovation Award in the Arts category, it has been awarded a Brand SA Flinders University Education Award and the brand was recognised in 2016 as a Google Australia Regional Online Hero. Our brand has great potential on a much broader level, to place South Australia on the global map as producers of clean, green, nutritious food as George the Farmer’s farm, his hub of food production, is located in ‘Panoola’, South Australia.
Product designed by a very large development team over two years
Category.. Product Design - Digital - Apps

Shopkins World! is a mobile game available on Apple's App Store and Google Play. Released in September 2014 and now has over 24 million installs and 5 million active users every month. It is free to play, and is an official licensed product of the Shopkins toy brand.
The game supports and extends the collection and play experience of the physical toys. The overall play goal is to collect via a scoring system that unlocks random Shopkins in a virtual list within the game. Players engage in over 10 different play activities within the app to score points.

Design Challenge
The main challenge is retaining customers in the play activities, which can be measured via analytics built into the game. The customer base for the toy brand is 6-8 years of age, which presents significant design challenges.
As a licensed product, Shopkins World! must adhere to the brand guidelines of a primarily physical toy product. The Shopkins characters (over 400 individual toys), have to be adapted to digital gameplay use, animating and moving in response to player inputs. This creates a significant design challenge to adapt characters that have no limbs to a digital model that walks, jumps and displays emotion.
Complex play activities and the overall unlock system have to be explained to young children in an entertaining way and not force them to read instructions.
Retaining and re-engaging customers is essential. The product is free to play, and revenue to be generated through advertising and opt-in purchases. Monetising the customer base without irritating parents and creating a negative association with the toy brand is vital. As is generating revenue to support frequent content updates and new play activities.

Design Solution
The game is designed around user engagement, based on the experience the user has with the app itself. New users are given 'FTU' training (First Time User) via both written and visual cues on how to play an activity, as well as score and collect points. The issue with the age of the customer is a disinterest in reading, so information must be conveyed through symbols and animation as well as dialogue from characters within the game.
Returning or inactive customers must be engaged with fresh content updates, new gameplay modes, and other frequent design changes to attract them back into the game. None of this would work without revenue , and the app is built around opt-in spending via cash purchases and incentivised advertisement.
The user experience is tiered, and responds to the state of the user (first time, returning, inactive). Prompts trigger in several areas based on the player's previous activity, and data is scraped and fed back into an analytics system to identify gameplay trends and provide the designers with information on most popular and least popular interactions across our 5 million monthly users in 150 countries.
Importantly, analytics comply with standards for privacy specific to younger children.

Design Impact
The net result is a thriving customer base and substantial revenue return. Shopkins World! has remarkable longevity (2 years as a top 50 game in age market), and revenue supports a full time production team of 15+.
Apple has featured Shopkins World! in the Kids 6-8 category both here and in North America hundreds of times. This is exceptional for a small development team in any region, moreso for Australia. This has attracted the attention of several large toy companies, and led directly to Mighty Kingdom entering into a production agreement with LEGO to deliver a game for holiday 2017.
Mighty Kingdom has grown it's FTE team from 12 to over 34 based on the revenue from Shopkins. We are scaling aggressively now, and have plans to grow to 200 as we attract more and more top-tier brand partners from Billund to Singapore.
And our relationship with Moose Enterprises, now a billion-dollar company, is better than ever. We plan to continue to support Shopkins well into 2018 and have over 7 games now in release based on our license. They frequently promote us as a major marketing component of the brand.

Product Designed by QHSE Integrated Solutions Pty Ltd
Category.. Product Design - Digital -Software

Skytrust is a cloud based integrated management system providing a holistic integrated management approach to an organisation’s compliance and due diligence across all aspects of business. The user-friendly tools assist with risk management, safety, quality, environment, inductions, assets and plant management. Skytrust delivers a real time dashboard providing trending performance indicators promoting important business decisions to increase efficiency and productivity.
Skytrust is designed to directly align to ISO9001, ISO14001, OSHAS18001 and ISO31000, this approach has proven successful in any industry sector.

Skytrust has a sound understanding of our customers’ needs and motivations. Our product provides an efficient solution for business needing to improve on their productivity, efficiencies and meet regulatory and best practice standards. One such client is Bedford Industries. The customers’ requirements are to make their compliance activities easier. Using technology, we make the entry easier using apps and processes that are more efficient than paper, dash-boarding of indicators automated, reminders and alerts triggered when items are missed.
We offer a 3 month, no obligation trial that’s set up within 48 hours. The design of the application works for any business and we are confident we can improve the compliance process and prove an instant return so they continue with the monthly subscription following their trial. Skytrust’s active customer and market immersion strategies successfully achieves customer engagement by connecting with the customer, building the relationship during the lead up to the sale and then being very much a part of the customer’s journey after the sale. We also encourage feedback through our suggestion portal to make improvements to the product and have outstanding customer service personnel who assist customers when they encounter problems.

This is supported by a recent customer review https://www.capterra.com/vp/reviews/268991

Skytrust assists businesses to run more efficiently and to identify and manage all their business risks minimising impact on the business. It allows the business to change the way it does things by integrating management systems into one platform that can be accessed anywhere and assists in reducing compliance costs to release capital and to reinvest in business growth. Some of key features appealing to the market: automation, standardisation of processes; increasing process efficiency; performance measures; risk mitigation and compliance; ISO conformance. Business receives a higher return by greater commitment to regulatory standards and reduced costs of compliance as risks are mitigated with no surprises.
The product is very intuitive and provides simple workflow processes allowing the user to work methodically through the functionalities and further enhanced due to simple, clear designs of each page and structured application. The design feature visually provides clarity in the display of information, easily navigates the user through the application providing a simple workflow process.
Incident reporting guides the user, based on the check box outcomes of the incident bringing in fields that are relevant making the entry quicker and meeting the Standard. The philosophy is it must be faster than paper!
Client testimonials support the benefits of Skytrust

Skytrust has been designed so that its easy use improves employee engagement, efficiency and productivity as they can be more involved in day to day business functions with less time being wasted by the employees. One of the key design criteria is keeping the structure of the functions simple.
The key workflow processes built into the product allows for progression of activities. Business is able to identify at any time the performance of the business through the real time dashboards and reporting functions and to make decisions which can lead to growth.
Users can initially be provided with limited access to slowly introduce them to the functions. As they become accustomed to its use they can expand their usability and more advanced application of the functions.
One such client, Local Government, is rolling out Skytrust to all SA councils. Part of this rollout includes implementation of one module only and once this is accomplished, steadily bringing in other functions. This method allows for users to become familiar with the product and to experience is functionality in stages.

Skytrust takes its security very seriously. The security of our software and our client’s confidential information is our top priority. We apply all relevant legislative requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles always.
As part of our best practice we have a constant focus on the security of our Skytrust software and engage HackLabs to conduct a penetration tests to test our security protocols. The scope of these tests verify the security of the software with both simulated DDoS, brute force login attacks, as well as testing against other security standards including OWASP, CREST and other known security vulnerabilities. The results of our recent test confirmed no high risk or critical risk vulnerabilities were present.
In addition to the security protocols within the web application we also only host our application in Australia within ASIO Tier 4, ISO 27001 certified data centres for both the primary and recovery servers.
Skytrust also uses Incapsula providing protection for web application security, DDoS mitigation, content caching, application delivery, load balancing and failover services. Skytrust has a limit of login attempts before a User is temporarily suspended. including password encryption to SHA 2, with all traffic on our secure socket layer SSL using high grade 256-bit encryption, further enhancing security protocols.

As a cloud based software program, Skytrust provides significant daily efficiencies for the end user. The significant reduction of paperwork is the most obvious efficiency along with the elimination of having to purchase and maintain infrastructure in the form of servers. Other efficiencies include increased productivity by employees due to eliminating duplication of processes. The automation of many processes within the product provides greater capability for the business to significantly streamline their internal processes and enforce accountability in their roles to ensure that key activities are not missed or ignored. The escalation of events to management ensures the productive and efficient running of the business. The action management function ensures that any non-conformances in the business are closely monitored and actioned.
A core Environmental module within Skytrust helps business assess their environmental impact. Its design alignment to AS 14001 helps companies to minimise the harmful effect to the environment. This in turn increases energy efficiencies and reduces the carbon footprint for business. The introduction of the App and QR Codes also minimises the impact on the environment by reducing the amount of paperwork required on site by workers, whether it is on the warehouse floor or at a construction site.

Skytrust provides a user-friendly navigational experience and significantly improves usability and efficiency in a business. This is evidenced by the pre-population of key fields limiting the amount of free text entry and minimising errors in information that is being recorded. It is a product that constantly evolves and enhances its functions. As it is aligned to key Standards (Australian and International), legislation and industry standards, Skytrust is regularly reviewed and updated. This is achieved by our professionally qualified staff who have significant experience in the various legislative frameworks and Standards. We are also able to draw on the experience of industry professionals to ensure we keep up to date with trends and needs of industry. Skytrust is designed to be a high-quality consumer product. We pride ourselves on the product and especially our pricing point. Pricing is based on the size of the business as a monthly subscription, thereby accommodating all sizes of business. We offer a very competitive price and provide a product that constantly enhances business efficiencies and growth for the customer with no extra hidden costs during the subscription

Skytrust constantly evolves with new ideas and technology. The introduction of the QR Codes has opened a wider application of the product for our customers across a broader sector of industries. This was also evidenced with the development of the App. The application for customers was extensive and a key selling point was the ability to use 2 key components of the platform offline. This initiative increased our market reach for businesses that worked in remote areas. While it is not a world first the type of collaboration with our Skytrust community is evident in our Skylog in which clients suggest great ideas and we develop this innovation and add the tool for the entire user base at no additional cost. In 2015 we provided 135 free enhancements, in 2016 we provided 106 free enhancements which constantly improve the application, user experience and keep the application innovative and cutting edge.

We believe our product provides excellent value for money for the end user. This is achieved through the ability to automate processes, increase process efficiencies, assign accountability to key personnel, mitigating risks and improving compliance and ensuring information and continuity is not lost if an employee leaves. There any many more functions within Skytrust which streamline the business processes. The features of the design and ever evolving design has enabled a successful return on investment on the design. This can be attested by the growth of the company over the past 18 months and the securing of a substantial partnership with the Local Government Risk Services department (a part of the SA Local Government Association) who were seeking a product which would assist them in monitoring their client's performance so as to maintain licence conditions for Self-Insurance. Skytrust met the requirements they were seeking to fulfil this licence. Skytrust met the requirements they were seeking to fulfil this licence.

Our export growth which is an enormous opportunity to grow what we have achieved in Australia with clients in almost every imaginable industry. Over the last three years while dollar figures are fairly modest, being a low cost subscription model, has grown 27.5% from FY 2016 to $30k FY 2017 our reach and opportunity rapidly growing with our software currently used in numerous countries.

Product designed by Rising Sun Pictures including Adam Paschke Adam Potter Alana Aranki Alex Meddick Andrew Palmer Anto Bond Ben Dickson Ben Paschke Dan Wills Daniel Thompson David Cattermole Dennis Jones Gemma James Jared Embley Jason Madigan Jesse Balodis Kenny Yong Marc Purnell Mark Evans Mark Story Matt Shaw Nick Pill Paris Downes Paul Kirwan Prema Paetsch Richard Thwaites Ryan Grobins Sam Hancock Sam Hodge Simon Herden Thomas Cant Thomas Price Tim Crosbie Timmy Lundin Victor Glushchenko

Category.. Product Design - Digital

Rising Sun Pictures designed a sequence that centres on Quicksilver, a mutant with hyper-speed capabilities, demonstrating his ability to perceptively bring the world to a virtual standstill. The slow motion sequence is a blend of live action, computer-generated objects and visual effects of astonishing complexity. The filmmaker's vision was delivered through the design of a sequence grounded in realism, finding a balance between an exciting, magical event that also looks photoreal.

Design Challenge
The process from previsualisation through to the shoot was an extensive collaboration between all departments, to ensure that the key moments of the story could be captured on a variety of formats to pass on to post-production. In concert with VFX Supervisor Richard Stammers and Director Bryan Singer, RSP realised the creative vision of the sequence, using the production of scores of CG props, including frying pans, knives, pots of boiling soup, carrots and bullets, as well as the omnipresent cascades of water droplets. Each of these elements needed to be rendered in near microscopic detail, placed precisely within the geometry of the kitchen and choreographed to move and react realistically to lighting, other objects and characters. RSP also aided in integrating the speedy Quicksilver into the near frozen environment. That illusion was accomplished through a combination of live action, a stunt double, green screen photography, a partial CG body replacement and a shimmering “rain tunnel” that forms around Quicksilver (caused by his swift passage through the near motionless falling water). All of this had to work properly in 2D and stereo 3D—and, of course, dazzle the eye. It was something that had never been done before, and garnered RSP's VFX Supervisor, Tim Crosbie, an Academy Award™ nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Visual Effects.

Design Solution
We knew that the design solution would take a lot of detailed planning. Because the stereo cameras are moving through a world that is primarily going to be populated with computer-generated objects - as a result the camera tracking, character match moving and shot layout had to be perfect, because even the slightest error becomes very obvious very quickly. Once this foundation was in place, the rest of the sequence became an exercise in making things look great, rather than fixing things that weren’t quite right. The development of 'Effects' techniques for water droplets, muzzle flashes and bullet vortices, combined with the look development to ensure props looked photorealistic was an ongoing process of refinement to the final product. One of our first tasks was using the LIDAR scan of the set to recreate the kitchen environment in the computer, and we then used the High Dynamic Range Image (HDRI) photographic reference from production to texture the geometry to aid in set extension, and rebuild the kitchen as a default lighting setup with the correct energy levels for assets to live within. This was used to help our Effects team during reasearch and development for placing their simulations in a real world environment, with the Compositing team balancing all elements for the final product as seen in the cinema.

Design Impact
The project contributed to the yearly turnover of the company, which in turn provided economic value creation through the team of more than 90 artists & technicians who worked on the sequence. The award nominations and
experience of the sequence by members of the public & visual effects community engendered a reputation around Rising Sun Pictures, opening new doors for projects, and a continuing relationship with the Studio and the Quicksilver character across film & television commercials. The complexity and pipeline that was created to support the sequence contributed to the company infrastructure that allowed for more complex and innovative projects to be won and delivered at RSP.
Product Designed by Brian Measday
Category.. Product Design - Environmental

The Greenwell is a product designed to assist deep root watering while preventing water runoff. Therefore, water wastage is eliminated during watering events. The other attributes of the Greenwell product are listed: -Promotes faster tree growth -Guards against damage from whipper snippers. -Establishes trees on flat or sloping sites. -Retains mulch and fertilizer-stops bird or wind scatter. -Has a zip join for easy installation and reuse. -Keeps lawn or grass away from tree trunk. -Conserves water. -Delivers water quickly into the tree root zone. -Leads to a 25% water saving result. -Greatly improves newly planted tree survival numbers.

The market segments that are being targeted are municipal councils for watering street trees, home gardeners and land developers. Therefore, people and organizations that are concerned about establishing trees and saving water. There are no competitors as the Greenwell is a unique patented product. The needs and motivations of the customer are very well known after 19 years of being in the market and having outstanding and escalating sales each year.

HR products, having branches in all Australian States and having access to the likes of Bunnings, Mitre 10, etc, has proved to be the ideal choice as our appointed manufacturer and Australian wholesale distributor. They have experienced great success with Greenwells and of course, their success, has been our success. In Adelaide, as an example, every council, apart from 2, now uses Greenwell. This situation is now common across Australia. Bunnings, and other major  etailers have now stocked Greenwell for at least 18 years. Home gardeners buy large volumes of Greenwells.

The Greenwell product is practical, easy to install and it fulfils its purpose 100%. The aesthetic of the product fits its use and appeals to the target market. Greenwells patented zip-join -both sizes- allows for easy installation and reuse. It is easy to put around the tree and to take off from around the tree. The large Greenwell comes in 3 sections that zip together.This makes for improved freight and handling costs. The regular size nests well.The Greenwell comes in three colours, heritage green, black and terracotta. It has been extremely well accepted in the market place across Australia.

Market acceptance has been incredibly pleasing. The prompt understanding of the products functionand purpose has been an outstanding feature.
The product is used by councils and home gardeners across Australia as it performs its functions extremely well. Water bills become lower, survival rates of newly planted trees have shown dramatic improvement. This shows that the Greenwell is a very successful product. After a tree is planted in the ground, the Greenwell is opened (special zip-join) and placed around the tree trunk. Because of its serrated base, it is then easily worked into the ground around the tree. It can be positioned in the soil at whatever level is required. The images attached to the submission assist in understanding the installation of the product.

The Regular size of 430 mm W x 190 mm H, holds 26L of water.
The Larger size of 600 mm W x 250 mm H, holds 50L of water.
Applied water is delivered quickly deeply into the tree roots.
One of the many attributes of the product is that it is simple to understand and to use. It is practical, easy to use and install and it can last for a long period of time. It is a very durable product. Comments from users often mention “why has no one thought of this before”.

The Greenwell is a recycled UV stabilized plastic product and itself can be recycled. Because of its patented zip-join, Greenwell can be easily moved from one tree to another. It can easily be opened and closed. When closed, it is watertight.The product’s continued acceptance and exceptional growth in the market place, testifies to its efficiency. The materials and processes used, do no harm to the environment. In fact, the use of Greenwells have many environmental benefits. They have improved the survival rate of trees because it enables trees to be properly watered – deep root watering – during the crucial period soon after planting, which is very important. Trees are of enormous importance in reducing our carbon footprint. The advantages from so many Councils using Greenwells are significant, as they not only save a great deal of water, but many more trees survive. The home gardener also experiences the same advantages.

In many parts of Australia it is very difficult to grow trees because of the lack of rain. The use of Greenwells in these low rainfall areas enables many more trees to be planted with a good chance of ultimate survival. The fact that Greenwells – because of their depth under the soil – guard against weeds growing close to and around tree trunks means less weed poison needs to be used resulting in positive environmental outcomes. Water saving remains to be the prime and most important feature resulting from using Greenwells

I initially searched Government intellectual property records to see if my product was unique. I was pleased to find that it was. Patents and other intellectual property are now held in Australia, the USA, Canada and Europe. It certainly has world first patented features.
The Greenwell has been developed to optimize deep root watering. This is a high priority for most gardeners and arborists but not easily achieved. The Greenwell sides slope outward which, because of the pressure of the soil, makes it difficult, particularly after a week or so, for vandals to pull out of the ground. Another feature of Greenwell is its sharp serrated base which assists easy installation into the soil. The Greenwell will keep weeds or grass away from the tree trunk and guard against trunk damage from whipper snippers.
Councils in Adelaide suburbs, including the Adelaide City Council, use Greenwells in large quantities. This usage is mirrored in all Australian States. Before they used Greenwells, most of the water applied to street trees ran down street gutters. Now such wastage is eliminated. Bunnings, Australia wide, sell Greenwells as well as Mitre 10, Stratco and many other garden centres across Australia.
Greenwells are now sold in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, across Europe and in Canada. I receive royalties based on the number of Greenwells sold.
Greenwell displays the Smart Watermark Product logo on all of its promotional material.

Excellent sales indicate strongly that the product represents good value for money for the end user. Sales of Greenwells are approaching the one million mark. Sales attracting royalties for the year ended 30.6.17 totalled 113,134 units. The recent appointment of distributors, in Europe, the USA, and in Canada, indicate a positive future for Greenwell. Greenwell sales in Europe, the USA and Canada are expected, based on proven results to date, to increase in a dramatic manner. In the USA, Lowes has recently started stocking the product for the home gardener, a very pleasing development. Lowes has approximately 1850 stores in North America, early sales have exceeded expectations and if products sell as well in Lowes as they do in Bunnings in Australia, sales will be remarkable.

We have appointed Sherrilltree, a leading distributor to councils in the USA, to sell our product in North America, this also is a recent development, but already several councils in the USA & Canada are using Greenwells – and all have expressed great satisfaction with the product.
The future looks to be very attractive.
Product designed by Contantia Craftsmen
2 Categories.. Product Design - Furniture & Lighting
                        Product Design - Service Industry - Tourism

Since 1977 Constantia has been creating some of the world’s finest furniture. Each handcrafted piece is made to last for centuries and is finished in Organic products specifically developed by Constantia to provide the greatest enhancement and protection. Selected above all others to design and build the Central Table and Hansard Desk for the House of Representatives in Australia’s new Parliament House, Constantia Organic Finishes are used throughout. The Organic Finishes are renowned for highest quality, multi-purpose durability and ease of use and can be applied to interior or exterior timber, steel, stone and cork.
The Global notoriety of Contantia has  resulted in a steady stream of international tourists to Port Lincoln to experience and tour the Constantia creative workshop.
The 'Mirage series' chair is inspired by a variety of Australian landscape elements are present within the design of this visually delicate but highly robust chair. Ergonomic principles underpin structural curves and fold away arms to provide for maximum comfort. Laminated Australian hardwoods and raw kangaroo hide ensure infinite strength and durability.

Design Challenge
Design and construction challenges: The clients expressed a passion for the rugged Australian landscape and in particular the fire age Eucalyptus trees. The first challenge was to accurately translate this into a functional form. A fascination with the Central Table and Hansard Desk we had designed and built for the New Parliamant House in Canberra was noted in discussion. The notion was to construct a dining setting that would form the centrepiece within an Australian style ranch located in Californian wine country. The clients expressed an inability to reach decision on whether or not to have arms on the chairs. We suggested the development of arms that could be folded away under the seat. Sourcing of materials with Australian origin was paramount. The combination of timber, steel, stone and leather presented structural challenges associated with the varying tolerances and hard working qualities. Elements such as colour and texture were to correspond with the natural perspectives perceived to be most important to the clients. Visual lightness in design required materials and reinforcements to provide the necessary stability and strength.

Design Solution
Australian Grey Box was selected for its great hardness and durability. As it was the main timber used in the construction of the Central Table and Hansard Desk for the New Parliament House, it also served to provide for the desired connection. Laminated sections were bent to form parabolic curves to reinforce strength and stability for the front and rear legs. These curves also reflect those present within our Australian Eucalyptus leaves. The choice of timber and laminations provided strength necessary for such delicate form. The front and rear legs are further balanced through reflective angles which, when viewed from the front, also appear in the shape of Eucalypt leaves. The arms were designed to represent leaves and are also laminated. We developed a mechanism to fold down and slide the arms to retract under the seat. The seats were moulded in cyma curves congruent with Eucalyptus leaves with particuar provision for lower lumber support. Raw Kangaroo leather was hand woven for the seats and backs and was chosen for its taught strength and minimal softening. Colours were selected based on the ochres of the Australian desert.

Design Impact
Having seen some of our work on display in the home of an associate, the clients visited us in Port Lincoln South Australia. This commission was created as part of a dining setting that forms the centrepiece of an Australian style ranch. The ranch is located in prestigious Californian wine country. One of the chairs was gifted to an associate of the client based in New York. We have since been contacted by one of New Yorks most reputable Interior Designers on behalf of the new owner, requesting details on the background of the design.
Since 1977 we have had commissions from England, Scotland, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Israel and South Africa and continue to host intersate and overseas visitors who visit our workshop and gallery in Port Lincoln South Australia.  Following are testimonials from some of our visitors:
“We are so privileged and blessed to see your work. Thank you everyone at Constantia for your passion and dedication.” – G and J O’Connor
“Waited a lifetime to see the work of a genius”. – Domenic Julie
“You are a national treasure”. – John Hammond
Each project requires fresh approach presenting constant design challenges. We strive to create intrinsic value that surpasses time

Product designed by Valley Precise Global and Department of Defence, Science and Technology Group
Category.. Product Design - Industrial and Commercial

The VPG Rapid Response Clamp was designed and engineered to contain leakage from damaged pipework, ( initially shrapnel damage on combat ships) under pressure ( up to 300psi ), up to 6X faster, using only one person with no tools, and with less potential for harm to the operator than all competitive systems on the market. In addition each clamp covers a wide diameter range, is designed to last 10 years plus in a marine environment, is reuseable and offers substantial through life cost advantages.

Design Challenge
Initially the design challenge was to produce a device that would be vastly superior to the devices used by navies to repair combat damage from shrapnel to fire fighting mains and fuel lines on board ship. The majority of navies globally use either the Jubilee Patch or a Banding Clamp or similar. Tests by the Australian and US Navies had shown that the repair time using former technology was 6-8 minutes depending on the skill of the operators ( 2 are required ). Our task was to be able to achieve a better seal performance, in less than 60 seconds using no tools and only one operator. This challenge was met and validated by US, Australian and Malaysian Navies. VPG then set out to design a sister product that would allow penetration of the same basic clamp design ( using the same IP ) into the general maritime and commercial market.
The value proposition that both the original Milspec and the newly designed Commercial version offer are that both were engineered to contain leakage from damaged pipework, under pressure, up to 6X faster, using only one person with no tools, and with less potential for harm to the operator than all competitive systems on the market.
In addition each clamp covers a wide diameter range, is designed to last 10 years plus in a marine environment, is reuseable and offers substantial through life cost advantages. The Milspec version features fully 316 stainless steel operating system. The Commercial Version is 316 stainless and Glass fibre polymer.

Design Solution
The clamp was designed to be fast as speed contains damage and can save lives and assets. A over-centre cam handle design was chosen for simplicity and ruggedness, coupled to a quick actuation / release nickel
plated high tensile chain. It was important that the Clamp had to look amazing ( high quality ) as its initial target market was military. Initial prototypes were of fully welded and machined construction. Subsequent development particularly in manuufacturing cost improvement has seen all welding eliminated to replaced by castings and laser cut stainless steel sheetmetal. All operating edges were rounded or filleted to avoid catch points to eliminate/ minimise the opportunity for operators to be injured / cut even under extremely stressful application of the product. All competitor products are almost impossible to use in high stress situations without operator injury. By eliminating the requirement to use additional tools such as wrenches or spanners in the operation and designing the clamp to be fully self contained, the training involved in clamp use and operation is significantly shortened with no additional parts required to be kept in stock or fumbled around for under pressure. The clamp is covered by International patent with the Commercial Version of the Clamp covered under the same patent.

Design Impact
Perhaps the most significant aspect in the development of this clamp is the commitment by the US Navy to adopt the VPG Rapid Response Clamp as the replacement Damage Control Clamp for its fleet. Over the past 6 months, the Clamp has commenced roll out to US Navy Damage Control Schools, is on the newest / largest ship in the fleet, the USS Gerald Ford and 3 Nimitz Class Carriers. As a former US Navy Damage Control Master Chief has stated publicly,"CVN-78 has had excellent results with the clamp in training sessions, it is far superior than the US Navy's old clamp". "Because of the speed of it's installation and ease of it's removal, a larger number of crew members are able to practice during training periods. This immensely aids in increased readiness to respond to an actual casualty involving piping systems". The clamp is now sold via distribution to both Naval and Commercial markets with additional rollout continuing. Over 95% of clamp sales are export with four full time staff being employed in South Australia to assemble the clamps. It is anticipated that this will rise to 10 full time staff assembling in 2018. In addition the business outsources the manufacture of compenents to four South Australian businesses as well as its sister South Australian companies for supply of precision machined components and tooling. 2018 sales are estimated to be $2.0million with 95% derived from export.
Product designed by Re-Timer Design team
Category.. Product Design - Scientific & Medical

Re-Timer is a portable light therapy device that administers a non-harmful light of 500nm to the eyes at an optimal angle, allowing maximum light to enter. By using Re-Timer at specific times of day the user can shift their body clock, therefore shifting their sleeping pattern. This can help treat certain types of sleeping conditions and aid persons who are shift workers, having difficulty falling asleep too early or too late in the evenings. This method can also be extended to users who are travelling into different time zones to bet jet lag and assist with combating winter blues.

Design Challenge
Re-Timer is the result of years of university research conducted by world renown sleep psychologist Professor Leon Lack. He has worked with clients whom suffer various sleep issues for many of decades, giving Leon a deeper personal connection with the people affected, thus being able to tailor Re-Timer for the customer. This understanding has also enabled us to engage with the consumer base on a professional level, providing peer reviewed research to back our claims as evidence Re-Timer actually works. This gives the user comfort when buying our product knowing that it is not another gimmick on the market and for a persons who is desperate for a decent nights sleep, it means the world and gives us joy in helping them achieve this .

Design Solution
Re-Timer is a product that was researched, developed, designed, manufactured and now sold all within South Australia, between a collaboration with Flinders University and SMR Automotive (Lonsdale). With most Re-Timer operations now working out of the innovation hub at the new Flinders University Tonsley Building. Re-Timer now is a registered medical device in Australia and Europe, complying with all the regulations and certifications. Every Re- Timer unit is tested as it comes off the production line, to ensure the emitted light is safe, does not contain any harmful UV wavelengths and it’s delivering the required peek 500nm, green, light at specified brightness level required to at on the circadian rhythm. When Re-Timer was first released onto the market in 2012 it were the first wearable light therapy device and is still the only light therapy device that delivers light from below the eye. Re-Timer is manufactured from a light weight and durable polycarbonate material so it is hygienic for the user, comfortable to wear and easy to travel with. Re- Timer is also USB rechargeable, allowing it to be used world-wide without any issue of needing different power plug conversions.

Design Impact
Re-Time is a start-up company within South Australia and Re-Timer is our first product. We have always aimed to give the best customer service as possible. From the purchase of a unit, Re-Timer is shipped express shipping world-wide, with tracking links automatically send to the purchaser. Our website is equipped with a Sleep and Jet-Lag Calculator, that will provide a generated schedule for the customer to use Re-Timer for their specific purpose. We offer a customer service emailing system, where any questions are answered with a 24-48hours period. After one month of purchase we will send a follow up email, ensuring our customers are getting the best results out of their Re-Timer and if they are not, we are happy to offer a one on one session with them so create a personalised schedule for their needs, even then Re-Time also offer a full 60day money back guarantee.
We frequently reach out to sleep physicians, specialist clinics, hospitals, health and wellbeing centres across the globe and inform them of our product and the benefits associated. Recently Re-Timer was featured in a New York Times article about sleep health. All of this puts South Australia on the map for innovation and uniqueness in producing quality products.
Product designed by Peter Coombs
Category.. Product Design - Sports & Lifestyle

Around the time we made our 30th RetroSPECtivebook, I wanted to do something as an exclamation mark for the occasion.
My first frame - Electro-Torch - has stood the test of time, is still requested and still intrigues me. I have created this collection in celebration of this frame and all the others created over some 30+ years.
The frame was re-considered and the construction re-imagined. The outcome is the TIERS PROJECT.

Design Challenge
The TIERS PROJECT is a luxury capsule collection and a re-imagining of the Electro-Torch.
As I was working thorugh the drawing a new method of creating, a frame appeared. A frame like no other evolved containing elements of the first and the most recent jumbled up with the knowledge acquired over the last 30 years.
There is immense versatility and possibility of design with rear face being able to be a multitude of shapes and colours, even custom pieces.
This is not a static frame but almost akin to moving 3D typography. I intentionally kept the face and temples raw titanium colour and the rear face black. This gives an allusion of depth and movement, with the shadow line continually moving with every move of your head. This is an iconic frame collection.
Apart from the stunning delivery, the biggest plus is the way the lens is fitted offering a never before and much simpler method to Rx a frame.

Design Solution
I have reimagined my very first eyewear design from 1986, Electro Torch.
The original frame has an ’80s zeitgeist reflecting a ‘Jules-Verne-under-the-sea-post-Apocalypse’ feel.
In 2016, a mechanical reimagining of the design had evolved in my brain and further deloped on paper.
I hand made a full set of prototypes in titanium and argentium silver. I then approached Julia Gogosha to collaborate on the collection, to refine the special offering for eyewear connoisseurs and collectors.
This was especially important as Julia has such a high profile in the Eyewear Industry and was able to uplift the launch of the TIERS PROJECT in April in NYC.
The problem with many special frames is they are quite difficult to fit lenses. In the case the fitting method is new and so simple to become a talking point of the design and marketing.

Design Impact
True to form, the TIERS PROJECT is a collectors set.
The Limited editions are lovingly created in my studio in Payneham.
We've kept the styles to a minimum leaving an opprotunity to grow and add more styles.
The launch buzz has opened the door of new accounts and direct access to people I'd never been able to meet before. Long term I hope this will allow further intrigue and introduction with them picking up the 4 O'clock Collection, making TIERS a type of entrée.
There has been a lot of interest and a lot of talk along with orders. Its free advertising and profile building. Pur products are sold in USA, Canada, New Zealand.
Every process has been designed for proud workmanship here in SA.

Product designed by Peter Coombs
Category.. Product Design - Sports & Lifestyle

I have been creating limited production Eyewear since 1985, always seeking new and better ways to create; whether materia, construction or design consideration.
This has involved rethinking the weak points - hinges and nose sections - in an effort to alleviate weak intersections with the likelihood to fail. Structure and construction for me carry immense beauty and I celebrate them in my designs. Peter Coombs Eyewear is jewellery for the face where forms are clean and strong, with the 4 O'clock collection showcasing a new and stylish construct.

Design Challenge
For people who wears eyewear every day, frames can be purely functional without much thought into what they wear. For some they become part of their identity. Afficianados of eyewear seek a better solution, a better looking frame; stylish and in keeping with their ethos and overall look. Peter Coombs Eyewear 4 O'clock collection are understated and bold at the same time, featuring the beauty of material, their construction and form. They are loved by all who wear them.

Design Solution
he 4 O'clock collections main feature - its hinge - came to me in a lightbulb moment at The Good Design Awards where we received Good Design* for our Elements collection. Chairman of judges was describing what Good Design is - simplest solution, least materials - this resonated and in a flash I saw a new construction method utilising the inherest strength and ductility of titanium. WIth eyewear the biggest negatives are weight and strength, where in most cases material weight is required to achieve strength. The construction method saw the 'face' cut and folded from a single single sheet of titanium, and only mechanical joins for the hinge = no weak spots to fail. Also the folding and construction process creates natural curvature in the face, where marries up well with the curvature of lenses thus creating extra strength. When you remove the lenses there is a lot of movement, so unlike most frames, this collection will easily carry anything from a 2 base to 8 base lens. Similarly the flexibility of the nose allows it frame to easily be fitted to Asian Face or Euro Face.
Immense versatility in every aspect allowing fitting to virtually any face.

Design Impact
This is true design where the collection is a limited edition making for a 'a club' collective of owners. We've kept the styles to a minimum as we can grow and add more styles. Each frame is numbered out of 99 only for each colour+style allowing additional sku possibilities. All hingeing is made in Australia along with all assembly. Design and prototyping occurs at our studio and any digital files are created locally.
The process has been designed with production in mind and we have plans to up-scale the prpoduction where every process has been designed for proud workmanship here in South Australia.
Our products are exported to USA, Canada and New Zealand
Product designed by Shader Team
Category.. Product Design - Sports & Lifestyle

Shader is A compact, portable shade device, made to protect our faces while we enjoy the sun. It is designed to be able to adjust and move with the sun, as you need it to. Shader is perfect for men, women and children of all ages. Shader will lay flat when not in use, but will open up fully to cover your face entirely, offering you shade and privacy. Shader also offers protection from wind and that troublesome sand that always seems to find a way to ruin your day.

Design Challenge
How to create a product that can be both functional and practical, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing.
The functionality needed to allow the user flexibility and choice. There may be times when sun and warmth on the face was desired and other times, when not. We needed to consider that the sun is constantly moving and therefore the product needed to deal with that. The practicality needed to factor in ease of use and portability, whilst giving consideration to comfort and the extra accessories to really make it an experience for the user. We needed to make it easy to disassemble, to allow for greater portability and also allowing for future design flexibility. We also needed to factor in pricing and ensuring that we can solve all of these challenges in design and still keeping it affordable for the end user.

Design Solution
The solution was a product that we feel we has successfully met and exceeded all of the design challenges. Shader is extremely portable, it lays down flat taking up minimal room and comes in a carry bag that also allows room for all other beach and outdoor accessories. The functionality of the hood as it moves through its stages is smooth and easy. The hood is made from UV resistant material and the base is made from strong injection moulded glass reinforced plastic. The cushion is made from thick memory foam, giving optimum comfort and the hood has a patented complete 180° range of movement. The accessories cover all areas of enjoyment for the user and help create a unique and enjoyable outdoor experience. The solar panel power bank, USB fan, chill pack pillow, sunbed strap, internal phone pocket, and the drink receptacles moulded into the base, really take Shader into the next level.

Design Impact
It is early days into market penetration but following a very successful viral campaign, which saw our video being viewed over 100 million times and receiving hundreds of thousands of shares and comments, shows the social impact that this product will have. This product may very well bring about real change in the way that people enjoy the outdoors. The support that we received on our kick starter campaign helps to show the enthusiasm from the public for a product like this. We are set up with our business model being that export to the US will be our major focus. We have retail stores and distributors waiting for stock prior to Christmas. These changes include ace hardware, Dicks sporting good's and Costco. Our staff will need to grow to accommodate this and we are putting strategies in place, including using a local marketing agency here in South Australia and also employing a sales manager.
Product designed by Stress Free Marine
Category.. Product Design - Sports & Lifestyle

Stressfree Marine is Australia’s premier winch and marine equipment manufacturer. We specialize in building anchor winches, using premium materials predominantly for trailerable boats ranging in size from 4-12metres. We are known for both our standard range of anchor winches, and our patented freefall range of anchor winches, featuring one-touch precision anchoring for faster, safer and more reliable operations. Within the last 12 months we have innovated the motor and design of our 50-series range of anchor winches including our 1400watt motor range, especially for the New Zealand market and other global locations with volcanic seabeds, and deeper ocean environments.

Design Challenge
Responding to feedback from fishermen in Wellington and Auckland, and from personal fishing trips in New Zealand by our owners, the engineering team saw an opportunity to increase the speed of their 50-series range of anchor winches in deeper waters – as many competing winches delivered slower results. Further research and knowledge of water depths in locations globally, also helped our Stressfree Marine team to determine the value for future business growth, in enhancing our existing range. The latest evolution of the Stressfree Marine Freefall anchor winch achieves exactly that. From shaft upgrades, to a more agile gearbox, Stressfree has set a new benchmark in anchor winch speed, safety, durability and functionality.

Design Solution
Choosing to use the Quick-50 series double anodised gearbox in our upgraded anchor winches, has increased protection against corrosion and salt water exposure while improving the speed and agility of our patented anchor winches. By increasing the size of the superior satin finish 316L marine grade stainless steel base plate from 6mm to 8mm, we have also found a way to delivery an even higher level of stability in unpredictable weather conditions. We also offer the highest torque gearbox on any drum winch; the Drive Shaft has increased to 25mm, and the pivot bolt has been reengineered to deliver an extra 8mm of engagement. To further enhance operations on boats up to 10-metres in length, we have updated our 1400watt motors, with modern casing for greater protection and a more streamlined aesthetic, and prewired them with 5 metres of cable, long enough to wire straight to the solenoid, and internal glands to seal the motor to eliminate water egress. These new design and engineering features also offer flexibility for boats with narrow drum capacity. Our innovations have additionally optimised the placement of internal glands giving the greatest protection for the motor, as glands cannot be damaged or dislodged.

Design Impact
Our ongoing focus on Research and Development with our successful standard and patented freefall range of anchor winches ensures we continue to respond to market demand, as well as adapt our Australian built products for growth in number of global marine environments. Our expanded range of anchor winches, suit a wider range of global environments, and based on business development relationships formed in the past few years, we have validated increasing global demand for the Stressfree Marine brand as well as our innovative range of anchor winches. As a long-standing local South Australian business employing a small team, and utilising other local suppliers and component manufactures in our supply chain as much as possible, we appreciate the value of Australian made, while still utilising select European and American components to enhance our product and to leverage relationship with global marine markets. We have also seen the value in ensuring our team are just as passionate about the fishing and boating experience, as our customers. This passion extends beyond our exceptionally engineered marine products, into delivering a value-adding experience to our customers (boat builders, boat dealers and boat owners), who are loyal brand ambassadors both here in Australia and globally.
Product designed by Bronte Eckerman
Category.. Product Design - Sports & Lifestyle

The Zings stump and bail produce an emotive high intensity visual indication at the exact moment when bails become dislodged from the stumps during play.
This allows umpires to accurately make difficult run out and stumping decisions on field in real time, and when reviewed by off field umpires in slow motion. The emotive flashing element brings the action and energy of the game closer to the spectators at the stadium and TV viewers alike.
In every other aspect, the wicket performs and sits comfortably within the rules and culture of the game..

Design Challenge
The Zing Wicket solves a problem where both ends of a bail have to lift from the stumps before the wicket is broken. In run out decisions, the exact moment this occurs was not clear, resulting in slow, controversial decisions when reviewed in slow motion by off field umpires.
This presented a unique electronic, mechanical engineering and industrial design challenge: the bails and stumps must simultaneously be compact, resistant to extreme impact shock, produce a highly visible flash within 2 mili-seconds of bail dislodgement, only trigger when both ends of the bail are dislodged, be immune from false flashing due to vibration, function reliably in rain or when dirty, can be intuitively operated by umpires in high stress situations on live TV and by TV production crew with a minimum of training.
The bail must simultaneously incorporate a high capacity battery, a radio transmitter and an array of high power LEDs in a 360 degree solid angle, whilst fitting in a volume of less than 20 millilitres and withstand impacts with a cricket ball at 160km/hr. The stumps must incorporate a high capacity battery, high intensity LEDs and a radio interface whilst being subject to extreme impact shock and flexing.

Design Solution
The bails have a unique flexible PCB arrangement with highly integrated microprocessor and radio circuitry. This ensures maximum volume for a high capacity battery to give the most intense visual display possible in such a small volume. The stumps incorporate highly integrated electronic design with low profile, low mass components to withstand impacts. Passive detection of bail dislodgment ensures that bails, which are the critical element for decision making, will always flash on dislodgement regardless of the status of any other stump or bail.
The physical design of bails and stumps is a patented combination of hard and soft shock absorbing materials, composites and stress relieving of critical soldered joints and interconnections. The mechanical design allows controlled bending and shock absorbing in specific areas under high velocity impact, while preventing flexion and shock forces on critical electronic components. Equipment is hired out and inspected and maintained on return and parts recycled into new equipment. Bails have soft rounded edges to minimise eye injury from a sharp edge in contact with eyes. The operation of the technology is invisible to the umpires on field. Setup by crew eliminates digging of holes and trenches, with internal power supply.

Design Impact
The Zing Electronic Wicket System has been universally and enthusiastically accepted at all levels of cricket as a revolutionary improvement to the experience of the game. As such, the product is now generally perceived as an integral part of the fibre of cricket. The product is a high margin low volume high performance product. As such, the technology is made, assembled and maintained in Australia, the majority in Adelaide. As we’ve refined the product, offshore components have been replaced by locally sourced, or 3D printed items made at Zing, to control quality and delivery, and to reduce our overall costs of producing and maintaining equipment. Moving these activities to Australia has produced engineering jobs in Adelaide offset by the saving on offshore manufacturing, administration and logistics costs. The innovative design and successful and smooth implementation of the technology, means that our company has had a monopoly through our patents and the goodwill in the market to recoup the R&D and commercial investment. We have a very healthy balance sheet and are running at a significant profit which we are reinvesting into new technologies. The majority of our sales are exports bringing money into the SA economy.
Product designed by Stewart Furze
Category.. Product Design - Transport

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) has recently released a range of performance clutch kits for the new Ford Focus RS Mk3. One of those kits is the "230mm Ford Focus RS Mk3 Twin Organic Performance Clutch Kit" (part number: KFD23659-2G) released under ACS' performance brand, Xtreme Clutch. It allows vehicle owners to upgrade their current clutch kit with a better performing product whilst retaining the driveability of the vehicle. The product is ideal for daily driven vehicle with minor modifications.The kit includes a 230mm alloy pressure plate, high quality friction disc material, steel backing plate and 4140 chromoly flywheel.

Design Challenge
Due to the great success of the MK2 Ford Focus RS performance upgrades offered by Xtreme Clutch worldwide in 2015-2016, Xtreme Clutch decided to invest in the development of performance upgrades to suit the latest model, the Ford Focus RS MK3, which at the time was still in the final stages of development and had not yet been released to the public. The goal of the development of this kit was to continue to develop close ties with specialist Ford Tuning groups around the world, especially in the UK where Xtreme Clutch has seen strong growth in recent years, giving Xtreme Clutch access to one of the largest tuning markets in the automotive industry. As the latest Ford models enter the market, it is clear that these vehicles offer exceptional performance and value for money, making them an ideal foundation for specialist and DIY tuners. The vehicles can easily be tuned to produce high horsepower figures and, as a result, often require upgraded driveline components, including clutches. Offering and successfully marketing performance upgrades for the highly sought after Focus RS MK3, would not only increase brand awareness for owners of these vehicles, but also anyone involved with tuning Ford vehicles.

Design Solution
Having established contacts in the Ford tuning market, particularly in the UK, it was possible for Xtreme Clutch to source information regarding the clutch setup in the latest incarnation of the iconic Focus RS. Having established the required information for the gearbox, bellhousing, crankshaft and OE style clutch, a new range was developed in-house at Australian Clutch Services. The prototype kits were tested in a vehicle in the UK as these vehicles were too new in Australia to source. Having confirmed the fitment and driving characteristics of the clutch, the kit was approved for sale in September 2016, making Xtreme Clutch the first company in the world with a performance upgrade clutch kit for the Ford Focus Rs Mk3. The twin plate kit offer a 230mm alloy pressure plate and can handle up to 1210 Nm of engine torque. In the performance market, the aesthetics of the products played an important role in the conusmer decision to purchase. For this new kit, as for their previous kit, ACS put a strong focus on the design and look of the product making sure the product can not only attract the attention of buyers but also meet the highest possible quality criteria.

Design Impact
Upon its release, Xtreme Clutch promoted the product through different marketing channels, including press releases in specialised magazines and trade show displays in the UK, the USA and Germany. Since Spetember 2016, Xtreme Clutch has sold dozen of of these kits which is exceptional given the low numbers of vehicles produced so far and the fact that these are not considered old enough to have significant modifications. It is expected that this will increase exponentially over the coming 12-24 months as the vehicles age, more are produced and as performance options on the vehicles increase, resulting in higher horsepower vehicles. Designed specifically with export markets in mind, the kit has allowed ACS to reach new markets such as the USA, where the kit has been extremely successful or Germany where the company had not seen an increase in sales for a few years. The success of this product has given ACS an increased motiviation to conquer the US market and the company is currently planning to open their own warehouse facility in this market before the end of the year with the objective to see their sales increase considerably in the next 3 years.
Product designed by Redarc Electronics
Category.. Product Design - Transport

The REDARC Tow-Pro Elite is an electric trailer brake controller designed to suit most common trailer braking applications including caravans, trailers, horse floats . The unit requires minimal dash space for mounting and being simple to install and operate it is ideal for the grey nomad in particular. The unit offers selectable proportional or user controlled trailer braking modes allowing the user to choose the braking style depending on the road or terrain conditions, vehicle type or driver preference. The unit operates both electric and electric/hydraulic trailer brakes, will operate from either 12 or 24 volt vehicle systems and is compliant to UNECE R21 and ADR21 for installation into head impact zones making it export ready.

Design Challenge
We estimated the total annual Australian brake controller market to be around 150,000 units per annum,based on SUV/LCV sales and towbar fitment rates. From our market research we learnt that from customers that our current remote head controller was great as installation locations were becoming scarce but they would also like the proportional braking functionality for smoother braking of their caravans, camper trailers, horse floats and boat trailers. We believed that, at a small premium to the current model, an electric brake controller that combined the remote head format with state-of-the-art proportional technology could yield us 75% market share in Australia. We ensured that the controls could be legally mounted in a convenient location on the dash for the driver to access the controls during an instance of trailer sway, which meant head impact zone compliance. We also wanted the installation of the main unit to be as simple as possible for our installers which meant the ability to install in any orientation without the need for a complex calibration process and great for grey nomads. Finally, our proprietary braking algorithm needed to be best in class and the unit needed to work for any common type of brake controller installation. If we could achieve the above, then the unit would be ideal for install as an OEM product and have a great following as an aftermarket accessory.

Design Solution
REDARC Electronics is an advanced manufacturer of Electronic products for the automotive industry. The TowPro Elite is a great example of a highly innovative Australian Designed and Manufactured product for global markets. The product features a 3-Axis accelerometer which not only allows a smarter control of the trailer brakes, it also allows flexible mounting options and provides redundancy should the installation fail. The remote head and control knob are designed in such a way as to comply with ADR21. To achieve this the control knob uses a bespoke rubber compound designed specifically for this product over-moulded on to a hard plastic base.
Our proprietary braking algorithm redefined the category adapting to specific driving conditions and offering additional safety measures, which resulted in us being awarded patents in both Australia and the US. In conjunction, our Active Calibration algorithm ensures that the unit always knows the direction of travel, without the user needed to calibrate. In order to add the features outlined above we needed to add additional components. To keep the product cost relatively similar this meant sacrificing labour time, so we needed to design the product with production efficiencies in mind. As a result the recyclable plastic main unit case snaps together and does not use any screws. The electronics are soldered using our Automated Electronics SMT line, meaning final assembly takes a matter of seconds.

Design Impact
The Tow-Pro Elite has achieved great results & sells in excess of 100,000 units annually and as we further grow our Export Markets we expect to exceed 350,000 units annually. The unit retails for AUD $ 295. The success of the product can be attributed initially to the complete feature set which meant our installers only needed to stock a single product. More importantly the end consumer was asking for our product by name generating a 'pull' effect in the industry. The product functions safely & flawlessly, delighting our customer long after their purchase, which results in a positive reputation in the industry. All specially designed components including housings, controls, packaging and instructions are sourced from local SA manufacturers and are manufactured using recyclable materials. In the future we expect our current export sales volumes to grow exponentially and we are planning for Twice our existing capacity as part of a major factory upgrade which is currently underway. REDARC have been granted US Patent 9,446,747 for the Tow-Pro and have taken trademark and patent protection in other countries. The product is being sold in USA and is currently under trial by an OEM in Detroit. The TowPro Elite was awarded a Global Media Award at The SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November 2016. The unit is a genuine accessory with Holden, Nissan, Mercedes, Audi & Mazda.
Category.. Design Strategy

George the Farmer is a colourful children’s brand whose primary aim is to educate about farming practices along with how food and fibre is produced through entertaining picture books, toys, music, performance, interactive story apps, videos and free curriculum-aligned educator’s guides.

Clarity of Purpose and Context
We educate children about farming practices and how food and fibre is produced in an entertaining way to: generate food security by stimulating children to consider future innovative careers in agriculture; awareness and gratitude of those involved in primary industries globally and; to help children make informed healthy food choices. On a personal level, we aim to provide children with the same inspirational connection to the land that we were afforded from growing up on farms throughout our childhood.
As we are predominately a two person company, with both directors growing up on farming properties, but also designers, our design and business skills work hand-in-hand, side-by-side which has enabled us to establish innovative solutions and products. George the Farmer has grown organically, from starting as an interactive story app, to producing physical products and then live performances and videos with our offerings being developed based upon the requests that we have received from fans and customers.
Our primary customers are those people who currently have or did have a connection to farming land and/ or families, while our secondary customers are those who are seeking information for themselves or their children on how food is produced to make more informed decisions for their health.

Customer and Market Immersion
The concept of George the Farmer was formed when co-creator, Simone Kain, became aware that there wasn’t an educational children’s farming character globally telling stories about living on the land and producing food and fibre, whilst looking for an inspirational character for her son, George.
Simone realised that there must be thousands of families who also couldn’t find said character. This was the brand’s first outcome-based segmentation that was determined. These customers then led to another outcome-based segmentation of educators. Educators were needing to teach children in their classrooms about sustainability and STEAM subjects, but lacked the time/ resources to develop appropriate materials. We developed free curriculum-aligned resources to co-work with our paid products, which also helps to expand our brand reach.
We also have our traditionally-based market segmentations such as grandparents who either grew up on a farm or had a cousin on a farm.
Our brand resonates authentically with our customers, as both directors have strong connections to farming properties. Additionally, Simone’s husband works the family farm and shares his stories through the voice of George the Farmer. Our customers believe in us, and what it is that we’re doing for them.

Our brand has grown organically since it’s inception in 2014 and with that, our strategy has adjusted accordingly. Originally, our purpose was to create a character who was inspirational, however, not long into developing and launching the character, we understood our customers needs of also requiring a character who was educational.
Although the George the Farmer brand has been established by our creative agency, Hello Friday, we have challenged ourselves by producing new products that we haven’t had prior experience with. For example, writing and illustrating picture books, self-publishing, self-distribution, creating interactive apps, writing and publishing music, creating and performing in musical productions nationally and, children’s television. We are open to new challenges and enjoy learning on the go. Agriculture is an industry that has immense potential for massive growth. Humans need food for survival and, we, as predicted by the United Nations, need to produce 50-70% more food within the next 30 odd years to feed our growing global population. This provides a massive opportunity for our brand beyond just entertainment and education products and services.

Design Leadership
Both creators of George the Farmer have creative, tech and marketing backgrounds of which all of our skillsets have been utilised to develop and build the brand. The brand was originally launched by our creative agency, Hello Friday, and in the past 18 months has become a company in its own right.
Simone Kain manages and leads George the Farmer on product development and marketing, while also creatively directing, in consultation with Ben Hood, who is the chief illustrator, graphic and motion designer.
Both creators/directors have skillsets that work well together, while also individually being able to determine and develop solutions for the company. For example, Simone has recently determined that our educator’s guides that are and will still be available for free download from our website, could be marketed
and sold as a hard-copy along with our current paid picture books, toys and music, along with samples of various foods/fibres in one-stop educational kits/boxes for teacher’s, thus opening up a new product line
with almost the same product offering. We have won numerous awards including the Brand SA Flinders University Education award, Women in
Innovation, Google Online Regional Heroes and NAB Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards for Regional Entrepreneur.

Business Model
George the Farmer’s business model is very competitive as there are no other children’s farming character’s on the market worldwide.
Additionally, by making and marketing our products and services as both educational and fun, it ticks all the boxes for our market segments. We all know that kids learn best, while they’re having fun, so this is our number one aim with all of the products that we develop. Education is secondary.
We also reinvest 50c from the sale of each of our picture books into developing and providing our free to download, curriculum-aligned educational resources for teacher’s to use in the classroom. This social aspect of our products is appealing to the new era of socially-driven consumers.
Our brand has great potential on a much broader level, to place South Australia on the global map as producers of clean, green, nutritious food as George the Farmer’s farm, his hub of food production, is located in ‘Panoola’, South Australia.

A survey released in Australia in 2012 revealed that almost 1/3 of Australian year 6 kids thought yoghurt came from a plant, 75% thought that cotton came from an animal and 45% didn’t associate basic lunch box items such as a piece of bread, a banana or some cheese as originating from a farm.
If children don’t know where their food comes from, how can they make informed food choices for their health?
Over the past 6 months, we have had over 3000 downloads of our educational resources which has attributed to over 40,000 children’s education about agriculture and food production. Through our books and resources, we encourage children to learn about food production and environmental sustainability, while also enticing them to consider innovative careers in agriculture. Our most recent educational guide is on Pulses for the United Nations Year of the Pulse. It educates children about nitrogen release through the growing of Pulses such as chickpeas and broad beans while covering STEAM based subjects in the classroom and, are introducing them to George the Farmer. Additionally, we print all of picture story books within South Australia on environmentally-friendly paper from well managed forests using vegetable-based inks.

Our business has always focussed on innovation through creativity, with our George the Farmer breakthrough coming to fruition not long after the global economic slow down. It has been through regular brainstorming and researching sessions that we have established our new ideas. Our ideas, once
commercialised, have been interpreted as being forward-thinking and innovative which has led to ongoing growth and opportunities.
Export growth has continued to grow steadily since launching in 2014. Our app is currently sold in 13 countries globally.
Late last year, we established a joint venture with an award-winning television production house based in Sydney who is assisting to get George the Farmer on to television screens internationally. We have also been working with leading global entertainment company Toonz Media, based in India, who has developed
an animated sizzle reel for our pitch, free of charge, as they love the concept and want to be involved in the production of the series going forward. We have also had interest expressed by the leading global
distributor of kids television, Imira, as well as interest expressed informally from a French broadcaster. The television series will be ready to pitch officially next month at MIPCOM in France.
Category.. Design Strategy

Re-Time is a start up company that developed from research at Flinders University. Our first product is Re-Timer a bright light therapy device, that shifts your sleeping pattern. Re-Time have since branched out into further sleep technology and research with our second product to be release onto the market by the end of 2017.

Clarity of Purpose and Context
Re-Time is always working towards helping people sleep more efficiently and get a better nights rest. The research undertaken at Flinders University in the sleep area is immense, but there has never been anyway to translate all of their breakthroughs to the general public. This is what Re-Time aim to achieve, building the bridge to connected the public to the successful research, for their benefit. Re-Time has a small team, but each one of our employees have a strong connection with Flinders University, research, business and innovation. With primary business operations being located at the SA renewal, Tonsley precinct the collaborations between academic, researcher and our staff is streamline, thus all working towards a common goal.

Customer and Market Immersion
Re-Time make effort to frequent sleep and wellbeing conferences around the globe multiple times a year. This allows Re-Time to reach a larger scale audience with a mutual benefit. Occasionally being joined by the staff and students
involved in sleep research from Flinders University, Re-Time staff present the importance of sleep and sleep health. These events also give Re-Time the opportunity to further our education in the sleep field, create connections for future collaborations and hear about new breakthrough research. Re-Timer is now used in university research labs and independent testing facilities, a part of multiple trails currently occurring wanting to help benefit persons who are shift workers, have other types of sleep disorders, variable mood stability and energy fatigue. When results of the above trail are finalised and when further research is conducted Re-Time will present this to our customers, further educating them and providing them with yet another avenue to improved life and health

Re-Time are always looking for inspiration to help get a new idea off the ground. The most recent is for our second product planned for launch by the end of 2017. The popularity of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, showed us an avenue for success. Re-Time ran a crowdfunded Kickstarter campaign and indeed did succeed, reaching over our goal of $120K, bringing some of that silicone valley tech boom back to South Australia. This process was new to all our staff members, as it was to almost every Kickstarter entry at the time, however everyone took it into their stride and the true from of entrepreneurship was evident.

Design Leadership
Ben Olsen is Re-Time’s CEO, and has been from conception. He is a passionate industry leader ensuring that every design for the business is deliberate and thought out, not ceasing at the product. He considers design in how Re-Time is branded to its audience, how Re-Time communicates and how Re-Time operates, not just on a day to day basis, but a year to year basis. The-Re-Time team values his procedures and strategies and Ben values initiative and opinions from the team, especially during the development of our latest product. When developing a new product as complex as a sleep re-trainer, it is easy to get excited and want to add new features, as progression was being made in development new ideas were born and additional pathways for certain aspects were created. All of these are fantastic, and made keeping to scope difficult, the team is already planning version 2.0 and 3.0.

Business Model
Re-Time operates successfully, providing a thriving product and just about to release a second. Every business has room for growth in their operations and modelling structures, it is closed minded to think otherwise, especially during a time where start-ups are plentiful and the competition is high. Therefore, making a conclusion stating that all elements of the business model have been resolved, might not be 100% truthful. Re-Time takes pride in being dynamic and flexible to accommodate customer needs, professional requirements, upholding collaborations, and importantly looking after staff members. Yes, Re-Time operates with an underlining business structure, that Ben Olsen (CEO) is well versed in, but it can grow when needed and how it is needed to be competitive and cutting edge.

Re-Timer was born out of a social initiative within the Flinders University Social Science’s School. Professor Leon Lack, Sleep Phycologist, worked with clients daily. He would listen to their problems regarding sleep and how it would affect their lives. It was from this and wanting to find a better resolution for these people that Leon began his research into alternative methods. Researching many different aspects and mentoring many other sleep professionals. Since the development and release of Re-Timer, it is understood that many people might not have access to the product. Thus setting up pop up stand and booths in airports for travellers needing a light boost to recover from Jetlag. During the intensive winter months in the northern hemisphere, where the sun will only shine for a few hours a day, Re-Timers were placed in the local cafes to simulate the sun and provide the locals an extra “sunlight” does. These are just a couple of many like situations Re-Time help to organise.

Being located at the Tonsley precinct, Re-Time is continuously surrounded by design and innovation business, it adds a sense of pride as even though you are in direct competition, there is a mutual understanding of working towards a common goal. Teams collaborate, share knowledge, engage on a personal level as not every day in the office is going to be a smooth one during product development and having the support around is meaningful. Over the past three years, Re-Timer has taken off. The knowledge has now spread world-wide about the use of light therapy and the consumer is understanding that a natural alternative can work. We witnessed a large spike in sales during the Olympic – due to Olympians using light therapy to optimise their bodies in different time zones, hence it become popular. However especially over the past 18-24months we have seen a steady growth in sales, as more
people become self-aware about their fitness and overall health, wanting to dabble in the biohacking scene or genuinely wanting to improved their life longevity and sleep. These have been the most popular reasons why the
consumer is investing in Re-Timer according to our 6month customer surveys.
Category.. Design Strategy

FYRLYT designs, manufactures and distributes ultra high performance products for offroad and the outdoor enthusiast. FYRLYT has exported from startup, typically exporting 30% of its products. In addition FYRLYT has an established distribtion network of over 150 stores retailing FYRLYT products throughout Australia and exporting to over 16 countries.

Clarity of Purpose and Context
FYRLYT exists to create and deliver ultra-high performance niche products to the off-road and outdoor enthusiast market. Product commercialisation is fundamental to our business success; our product commercialisation infrastructure and processes consistently produce world class products that are in demand with exceptional competitiveness. We deliver a regular stream of products to market that raise consumer expectation of quality, performance and style. Our people are passionate, skilled and conscientious; possessing a strong sense of belonging. This has been achieved through whole of organisation involvement in our strategic and operational planning processes. Professional development, mentoring and nurturing is a characteristic of our organisation. Our culture is managed and behaviourally led and believed to be the catalyst for the successful integration of the business fundamentals and fueling the inspiration for our innovation and design programs.

Customer and Market Immersion
FYRLYT has integrated social media as a key instrument to maintain an understanding of its customers evolving needs and wants. This approach has faciliated a 3 year pipeline of new product introduction opportunities in the last 12 months. Our social media presence now exceeds 390,000 followers from around the globe providing a rapid and interactive feedback tool to deteremine new product opportunities. FYRLYT is heavily integrated with it’s value stream. Every FYRLYT employee that engages customers at FYRLYT is trained in new product opportunity evaluation and where practicable explores niche gaps in the market in every customer engagement. All new product opportunities are evaluated and developed concurrently with a member from each component of our value stream. The entire new product development team participate at each critical stage gate review of our new product introduction process.

Most recently FYRLYT introduced a new product "HELLFYR" into a new segment of the market and stepped away from a bricks and mortar distribution model for this product category, choosing to retail this product direct worldwide online, growing revenue by 35% from the day of release.The Elimination of retailer margins and revisiting our distribution model for this product category enabled FYRLYT to deliver a higher performing product by an order of magnitude to market at the right price. The elimination of retailer margins was absolutely essential in enbaling FYRLYT the product cost budget to deliver the quantum leap in product performance necessary for success. This was not possible at the target price point without challenging the constraint of our traditional bricks and mortar distribution model. Product superiority is critical to FYRLYT's success and as such all business operations are subservent and constantly challegened to meet this objective with every new product introduction.

Design Leadership
The new product introduction team is lead by the Chief Executive Officer. Product superiority is foundational to the sustainable advantage of FYRLYT and as such is embraced across the organisation as critical to our success.
It is a strongly held belief that more can be done at the design phase with respects to product cost versus price shopping post desgin from our suppliers.Cost competitiveness is achieved through integrated product and process design. FYRLYT's internal training and mentoring intiatives demonstrates and reinforces the impact product superiority has on revenue and market expansion and inculcates a culture of continuos improvement in both product and process design.

Business Model
FYRLYT is a designer, manufacturer and distributor delivering product through both traditional bricks and mortar networks and direct online retail. We are vertically integrated in our manufacturing capability with 98% Australian content with some speciality processes outsourced. We have stepped away from traditional print media advertising and built a strong social media presence of over 390,000 followers. This has reduced the cost to capture a customer by 50% and fueled double digit growth.

FYRLTY supports a number of social clubs in the offroad and outdoor arena, in addition sponsors a number of breast cancer charities. Technical staff are encouraged to lecture at major gatherings regarding design and application. In addition FYRLYT regularly avails its technical expertise for the communities benefit. An example of FYRLYT offering its expertise was when David Holmes from FYRLYT discovered the ill fated gum tree at the Burnside Village was dying due to the presence of a wave length blocker in the glass disrupting photosynthesis. FYRLYT's David Holmes consulted with the Burside coucil to this effect.
In addition FYRLYT is actively involved in a number of environmental protection programs and revegitation initiatives throughout the adelaide hills.

Export has consistently represented between 30-35%% of all revenue for FYRLYT since start up in 2011. FYRLYT's focus on product superiority actually characterises the culture. Our culture of integrated product and process design has delivered product superiority with all of our products consistentl, our most recent release increasing revenue by 30% from day 1.
Category.. Design Strategy

About Zings
Zing International designed and developed the patented Zing Electronic Cricket Wicket System. The system is used around the world in professional broadcast cricket, and a range of replicas for home and club use is sold in retail, leveraging thousands of hours of free TV exposure of our branded TV technology.

Clarity of Purpose and Context
Zing management focus on design driven innovation in sports.
We continually strive to build on our understanding of sporting culture, from grass roots to professional level, players, umpires, administration, commercial, sponsorship and TV production.
We have a crystal clear understanding that a “Zing Product” adds value at all these levels. We focus on design driven products that: solve a problem, add to the understanding and excitement of the game, and are patentable. Therefore highly skilled design and engineering professionals are a crucial component of our business strategy. The Zings solve the problem of detecting on a TV replay when both ends of a bail lift from stumps per the laws of cricket. The flashing adds value to TV and stump sponsors, helping customers to pay a premium price. Our patented technology helps us build a profitable and enduring company. Our purpose is narrowly focussed which means it can be articulated clearly and simply at all levels to extract maximum value. Aligning the staff to the mission is an ongoing formal weekly and monthly activity. We hire people with the inherent qualities and provide them with purpose and a space to develop into, rather than pushing square pegs into round holes.

Customer and Market Immersion
It’s critical to thoroughly understand the needs and motivations of a sporting culture before prescribing technological innovations on it. Eg: We were confident The Zings would fit into all forms of cricket, but foresaw the risk of a backlash in the media from “Cricket Purists” to flashing wickets in a game steeped in tradition. We thoroughly market tested early prototypes and found virtually universal enthusiastic acceptance with all stakeholders. On launch in The Big Bash, The Zings were widely perceived in the media as a T20 product, however as predicted and modelled in our business plans, The Zings have proliferated throughout T20, 50 Over and Test Cricket. Enthusiasm for sport is a requirement in all roles in our organisation. We send our staff to stadiums to interact with TV production crews, cricket representatives, players, umpires and spectators.
The Zings Cricket Wicket has revolutionised adjudication of runout and stumping decisions, speeding up the game, eliminating controversial decision, and energises the crowd at moments of drama. In 2012, Fox Sports surveyed their viewers and The Zings were reported as the best aspect of the TV coverage. The value add of the technology is directly related to our understanding of the market.

Zing have formal discussions prior to and after tournaments with all stakeholders in the value chain and with our distributors and retailers of our consumer products. We have a number of enhancements and new products under development. We strive not to just respond to new changes but to proactively suggest where opportunites are presenting. Zing has a fundamental philosophy about challenging ourselves in new areas and that success is a never ending process of education and risk management. We pride ourselves on the ability to take on an appropriate amount of risk and manage the process so that if we fail, any financial loss is offset by the new knowledge that we gain to move forward.
Zing is developing a range of products in other sports. We have regular brainstorming sessions involving all people in the business to explore new opportunities, potential solutions and commercialisation models. We have a systematic system for filtering new ideas, examining the market requirements, product solutions and the business case prior to commissioning a new product development. Zings business model is fundamentally about producing disruptive products into sport.

Design Leadership
The CEO of Zing, Bronte Eckermann, has 28 years of design experience in Australia, Silicon Valley and UK and has spent the majority of that time owning and running businesses with design at its core.
Bronte’s philosophy about design is that there are three levels of mastery: Firstly, design as an object. Second, design as a process. Thirdly, design as business strategy. As each step is attained, design increases in value to an organisation in a non-linear way. Zing’s fundamental business model is based on design as a business strategy.
The CEO’s responsibility to staff and shareholders is to create a highly professional environment with strategic design at its core, where we help employees achieve these levels of competency and ensure that Zing is a relentless machine delivering on our goals.
Our fundamental ethos is to deliver, because this is what breathes life into the mission statement. Management involve themselves in the design process and when heavy lifting is required, management are the first to arrive and the last to leave so that we lead by example. Lateral design-led thinking has found solutions to seemingly insurmountable commercial and technical problems at times of great urgency at critical moments in our company’s history.

Business Model
Zing has struck extremely competitive agreements with cricket authorities around the world through our understanding of where the value lies for the individual stakeholders in world cricket outside of simply negotiating on price.
We own and hire out the Zings wicket in international sport, enabling us to charge ongoing premium fees and strike multiyear deals. This gives us security of income for business planning and means the equipment comes back to base for refurbishment and testing to ensure our product performs reliably and in the field, protecting our brand name on live TV.
Zing has invested in rapid prototyping technology to manufacture items in house to control quality and on time delivery of parts for tournaments with hard deadlines.
Where we use external consultants or suppliers, we bring them in house to experience working with our team, to impart on them the understanding we have of our market and the unique pressure points in our business.
Our staff have bonus packages and structured training programs so that we can define a career development path that motivates our employees and is in alignment with Zing’s goals and encourages them to go the extra yard.

The Zing Cricket Wicket Systems are owned by us and items are continually refurbished and parts recycled. We have a policy of designing items so that each individual item of a particular material can be disassembled from any other piece of a different material for recycling and refurbishment. We have a structured supplier appraisal process that requires suppliers to demonstrate evidence of their commitment to environmental protection. Products are appropriately marked with recycling symbols and are RoHS compliant.
Zing International has a policy of equal opportunity employment and we encourage diversity in the work place in terms of age, gender and race, because we think the potential to develop new ideas is maximised when you have a broad base of experience and viewpoints, all working toward the same goal.

A design culture in our business has assisted us to develop unique and patentable products that have generated broad and highly emotive support for our brand with an international cricket viewing audience of approximately 2 billion people, working out of a small office in Port Adelaide.
The way we work as designers is something that we employ commercially, from management to every day activities. The concept of looking at a problem and applying the same techniques of analysing and identifying the requirements and parameters, applying lateral and analytical thought to potential solutions, reviwing the possibilites, testing and implementing. The most valuable aspect has been the application of lateral probem solving techniques in the business which at crucial points in our companies history have solved seemingly insurmountable commercial and logistical problems.
Over the last 3 years, our export income has tripled.

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About QHSE
QHSE Integrated Solutions (Skytrust) is a SaaS company providing a cloud based integrated management system for businesses to manage compliance and due diligence. Skytrust offers user-friendly tools for risk management, safety, quality, environment, inductions and asset management. Real time dashboards provide trending performance indicators.

Clarity of Purpose and Context
Skytrust’s market is naturally broad due to the diversity and technical capability of the product offered. Our company strategy aligns with the need of our market sectors and we aim to provide a product that will assist business in meeting compliance and increasing their efficiencies and productivity. Opportunities for clients to provide suggestions to enhance the product offers a vast array of opportunities. In 2016 Skytrust implemented 106 enhancements.
We have developed a unique team environment that empowers employees to be dedicated in their roles and promote participation in contributing to the development and growth of the business. This is promoted through fortnightly development meetings with all employees contributing to the vision and company strategy. Low staff turnover has established an opportunity for staff to understand the company vision, the product and opportunities for growth through innovation and refinement of the product.
The overall company strategy aligns closely with our business model and our product. Our aim is to provide a product which simplifies business processes, assists in compliance being met and in return provides a revenue and opportunity for growth. Skytrust as a product has successfully achieved this over the last 11 years and continues to go beyond the original strategy and business model as we grow

Customer and Market Immersion
Skytrust has an experienced management team which brings a diverse range of skills and knowledge to the organisation. The success of Skytrust to date has been because of a grounded understanding of our customers’ needs and motivations. Working in a compliance framework requires streamlined processes for that business to be efficient, productive and compliant. We develop a very strong relationship with our customers and other key stakeholders within our customer industry sector. Such an example is a partnership agreement we have entered with Lawson Risk Management, Local Government Association, Civil Contractors Association and Master Plumbers Association. This provides a strong connection between these stakeholders and their industry clients. These partnerships in turn provide opportunities for engaging with industry and developing and refining further our value proposition.

Skytrust constantly evolves and responds to the changing needs of our customers. Our Skylog supports our claim to the huge number of enhancements that have been added to the benefit of our entire client base. Some achievements over the past few years include the introduction of QR Codes to provide information to employees in the field, development of an electronic sign-in register, Safe Work Method Statements to improve site safety, Impacts and Aspects register to minimise companies footprint on the environment. Developments include a benchmarking tool for industry classifications, this has successfully been implemented innovating how all State Councils report, with Skytrust automating this and providing statistical information as a benchmarking tool. This also shows evidence of a disruptive business model in which Skytrust was rapidly implemented across South Australian councils with currently 80% adoption this calander year. The model funded by the insurer lowering their risk, providing tools to improve safety and reporting of councils to allow Local Government Risk Services to offer full funding of the implementation to each council. Skytrust has a R&D focus and looks to constantly improve the product in line with legislative changes and meeting processes that will provide compliance and more efficient processes for business.

Design Leadership
Skytrust displays a strong design leadership ethos, promoted by the Managing Director and flowing down through the Management team and the Program Developers. There is a consistent and strong drive to consistently review and innovate the product. Regular development meetings with all staff enables opportunities to not only identify issues, review existing design and develop innovative concepts. This is evident from Skytrust’s every evolving enhancements on a monthly basis by our ability to turn current challenges all businesses face into a simpler process.This partnership with all our clients creates a mutually beneficial community, in which they suggest some incredible ideas which we can cherry pick, we develop it to suit our entire user base and it also improves our product. This innovation partnership is why our product offers so many efficiencies within a business and ensures our clients continue subscribing.

Business Model
Our business model is based on an instant return on investment for a client. We are able to do this by setting up a full 3 month no obligation trial to show how well our Skytrust software works and simplifies compliance processes. The business model also shifts our sales effort into more deployment effort and allows us to rapidly deploy a potential client on a trial. The client experiences the significant benefits of Skytrust and the decision to continue with a simple monthly subscription is quite an easy choice. The no lock in contract approach demonstrates how well this works and the value all our clients receive from our product. Our recurring revenue stream allows us to focus on our growth, innovation and expansion into new markets.

As a small business which supplies a cloud based product there is no physical product. Therefore, our impact on the environment is mainly from the running of our office. Operationally we ensure that we minimise the amount of printing of documents and rely purely on emails and storing of data and documents on our own Skytrust platform. We ensure recycling of all paper and waste product and where possible ensure energy efficient products are used. Sustainability is also reflected in our client’s business. Skytrust reduces paper consumption and also reduces the carbon footprint due to reduction of infrastructure requirements. Our product also offers an environmental module which allows us to influence organisations by providing easier tools to allow companies to record their Environmental Aspects and their impact and look at ways of continually improving that for the benefit of all.

Skytrust promotes a very healthy design culture not only with the product and its services but also within the company. Our office environment is unique and inspirational. As a previous Art Gallery for 40 years prior, we have maintained this throughout. This provides an amazing working environment and is also a very inviting space for our customers promoting creativity and a design culture. Our design culture is entrenched in our daily activities and all employees participate in the design process. This has enabled Skytrust to constantly evolve and add value not only for our customers using the product, but in providing opportunities to expand our market and exporting to new markets. The complexity of the functions with Skytrust has evolved over the years, this makes the product unique amongst our competitors who in most cases have limited functions. Over the last few years we have grown our export market by 27.5%. The most recent acquisitions have been New Zealand and Iraq.
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About Peter Coombs
Design practice, specialising 3d metal. Master silversmith and jeweller always seeking new solutions. I have worked on creating better eyewear since my first pair in 1985. I am very intereseted in understanding,  testing and pushing the limits of materials and processes in a quest to deliver refined Luxury Eyewear.

Clarity of Purpose and Context
I am always seeking new solutions. As a designer, my goal is create better and more interesting frames. This goes right down to their base construction. Spectacle frames have not changed much in 100years; I seek to upset the balance and set a new normal at a much higher level of design.
I work in the luxury part of the market where afficianados seek beautifully designed and constructed eyewear.
We share our design story here in Australia but also see US/Canada as enormous markets for us - especiallyas language is not a barrier.
Bottom line: I deliver design solutions, where frames create a new story (a new normal) for the wearer.

Customer and Market Immersion
There is a very large section of the eyewear market where people really care little more than price. My market are the afficianados and collectors where it is less about price and more about wearable art / design.
We have set ourseves within the luxury market, launching our 4 O'clock Collection in Paris in 2014.
Launching the base collection was about sharing a design idea and from here we have identified further requirements  through conversation whether anecdotal or directly thorugh those we consider mentors.
Having shown and shared, we have learnt about local markets wants and likes. The reasons and requirements evolve and we continue to learn from this.
Most recently we were invited to be part of LOFT in NYC as part of Vision East. LOFT has been running for ten years with a cap on eight exhibitor only. This year they opened it up to sixteen and we were thrilled to be invited. Apart from anything else this seriously raises our profile in the US Canada markets.

The key here is to deliver cutting edge eyewear which make people feel good.
There are some instances where we have adjusted styling after anecdotal evidence, but for the most part we are trying to create something new; ideas which have not been seen or imagined before.
There are many eywear design houses who follow fashion, this is not who we are nor the market area in which we work. We learn as we design and make. Its all about fitting the face and understanding perecption. In some case wht was designed with males face in mind are being purchased by females and vice versa.
Shape and sizes are sometimes cinstricted by optical requirements and the optical illusion certain lenses create. We have learnt much about optical frames as we come up against a new scenario whether different faces, differents syles, different pupil distnace (affecting bridge size) and lens combinations.
We set out to lead, but importantly we can also react and taylor make or fit specific requirements.

Design Leadership
It is my business, I am a designer + President Design Institue of Australia SA/NT, National Councillor and member of the National Executive.
I live for design.
My life is about design and through my practice and position seek to further the greater understanding and requirement for good design. Changing times usually equates to changing ideas and at this point in history, I believe good design has never been more necessary.
Within my practice I stay abreast of changing ideas, new materials, new processes. I am forever moving forward, however a solid grounding and understanding of old tech has delivered some great outcomes too.

Business Model
I work every day on design - ideas and their development from abstract to reality are my life. Without sounding too monastic in my approach, this is my aim in life. I have never been interested in following trends and fashions, yet try to be a leader in my field.Realistocally the only thig holding me back is time (and too many great i deas) and thus there is much scope for expansion.

All of our products can be repaired and restored. They are made with the notion of 100 year life…We are not designing for fashion however there are always echoes of the current zeitgeist in anything you do.I hope the pieces I create have a dgree of timelessness, with the ability to bridge genertions and eras.

Design has always been a key part of my business - I am a designer.
I have seet out to create something new, a re-imgining of how a frame may be created, the material used and the ways in which materials are used.
Despite making eyewear ( and others ) since 1985, it is only recently we have stepped into larger production. This is still small production. We have immense possibility to scale up. Everything is designed for production.
We are always seeking new notions on how to produce and utilise machines in new ways.
We launched in 2014 and have since then created a new market for ourselves. Mostly  USA & Canada but also here in Australia and New Zealand.
We managed a full front window and show in the Rockefeller Builing as part of New York Fashion Week 2016.
We had a RetroSPECtive showing at a Gallery Atelier in Battery Park NYC in March 2107 and most recently were invited to to be one of sixteen exhibitors as part of LOFT NYC. Apart form anything else, this has raised brand recognition and the raised profile has definitely assisted in our quest.

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